March 2016 Update:

Since moving to the beach, we’ve been on a journey of simplifying our lives – scaling back and just focusing on a couple of things, rather than overextending ourselves and feeling scattered by taking on too much. For this reason, we’ve decided to discontinue the Soulful Life Sanctuary and Soul Shakers.

These communities have both been so close to our hearts since we started them years ago, and we’ve enjoyed the loving friendships and connections that have formed through them. And we know that our hearts are forever connected because of this time that we’ve shared together.

Moving forward, we would love for each of you to follow us on our journey and join us in the 365 Book Series. We feel this is a perfect next evolution to the sanctuary and Soul Shakers, as it combines our love of writing and supporting authors in sharing their words, connecting with a community, and making their dreams come true. In addition to publishing two collaborative books each year, we offer an interactive Facebook community, online workshops, video classes, optional one-on-one sessions with Dan, and other fun ways to connect. We’re also planning on expanding our offerings to include quarterly calls/parties and virtual and in-person retreats.

This community has already become such a loving space, and we feel really good about where it’s heading. We also love that all of our circuits will be in one place, so we’ll be able to give much more of ourselves this way. If you aren’t already there, we’ll be opening up registration for the next book in the coming months, so you can join us then. And once you’re a contributing author, you’re part of the 365 community for life! You can learn more about it and sign up at www.365BookSeries.com.

We don’t see this as goodbye. We see it as a big hello where we can meet each other in a new space that is an evolution of all of us. It’s our hope that we can continue this journey together. :)

Hugs and love,

Jodi and Dan